Monday, February 10, 2020

Grains and the Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Grains and the Environment - Essay Example The invasive plants are the species of plants (aquatic weeds, shrubs and herbs) that requires careful management to reduce their harmful effects (Ondrasek et al., 2014). Another area of discussion under the Land and Water Management is the land degradation. Land degradation occurs when the land is rendered unstable. The land degradation displays the loss of the vegetation cover, soil fertility. The three categories of the land degradation include; soil erosion, ecosystem decline, and soil erosion. Irrigated Agriculture is a sub-topic that is covered under the Land and Water Management. Under this subtopic, various ways effective irrigation systems are discussed. The catchment hydrology discusses the various hydrological processes that are operating in the eroded catchment so as to determine the relationship between the run-off and the rainfall. The last subtopic under the land and water management is the salinity management. Salinity is brought about through the accumulation of salt in the soil (Irvine, & Doughton, 2001). I have chosen Land and Water management because water and land are the most powerful providers of the ecosystems services. By improving the manner in which we use the water and land, we can boost the food production, helping people adapt to the climate change and mitigate its effects while fostering the biodiversity hence enhancing the contribution to the greener economy (Tang & Rengel, 2003). Nurturing of the land, in particular, is essential to human existence. Therefore, the understanding of the water and land management is important to human life. Another topic that I chose under the PMP is soil. The sub-topics that are covered under this topic are soil management, soil health, coastal acid sulfate soils, soil health checklist, soil matters, soil PH, soil and land survey directory, soil glossary, and soil texture. Soil and land survey directory provide the information of the history of the soils. Soil health, on the other

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